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Victor William Chen

About Me

Real martial artist, action talent and a modern day philosopher, Victor William Chen embodies the essence of the true martial artist. He was kicking and punching as soon as he was able to stand on his own two feet. 

His “hardcore” training ignited in 1993 with the early beginnings of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For over 10+ years, Victor’s life was all about grappling and training in the old school garage style.

Coaching grew stronger than competition which led him to becoming a training partner for many competitors who became world champions in organizations such as Strikeforce and the UFC. After many years of pure grappling, Victor transitioned back to his root of stand up combat and began honing his technical skills in the art of Muay Thai.

In 2009, Victor moved to China for work and traveled back and forth training in Thailand at world renowned Sasiprapa Muay Thai Gym. When not in Thailand, Victor trains at specific gyms, building friendships that resonate with the martial art spirit. (Notable gyms include Touchgloves Gym/Singdayt Muay Thai in the UK, Mike’s Gym/ Mejiro Gym in Amsterdam, Ultimate Gym NYC, Shanghai BJJ)

“The martial arts ignites my soul and keeps me physically, mentally and spiritually in top form. It’s not just something that I do. It’s who I am as a human being.”

He came to the realization from his students when working in China that one can educate faster through the medium of film than via a book. The same notion that legendary Bruce Lee once stated.

The transition of real combat into fight choreography to display true martial arts skill in film as an action actor must justify the cause for why such violence is taking place. Victor believes this is a positive force that helps motivate and inspire young generations with a clear understanding about action in cinema vs reality.

With this in mind, Victor became connected over time to film professionals and was invited to attend Jackie Chan’s 60th birthday party in Beijing. In 2019 he was invited again to Jackie’s Action Film Festival Week and was chosen to be in a special group of presenters on stage and represented the U.S. in the closing ceremony of the festival.

Amongst the notable connections, he owes great thanks to his agents and managers across the globe:

Sabrina Chen-Louie of JBF Entertainment and Diana Weng. Sabrina is a long time producer for Hong Kong superstar actress Michelle Yeoh and Diana has been Jackie Chan’s dialogue coach for over 10+ years!

Ines de Vos of Jack N Jill Talent Agency, Stephen Paul Evans of Paradigm Artist Management, Boom Models & Talent in San Francisco.

Victor has trained with top acting instructors Michele Juskowitz (Channing Tatum’s acting coach), Kimberly Graham (Casting Associate of HOMELAND) and George Gallagher.

Victor is also the Head Coach/Owner of VWC Muay Thai & Fitness bringing authentic Muay Thai and martial arts training for everyday people. The essence of his brand

– The VWC Experience – embodies the martial philosophy and a nonstop victory, winning, and champion mindset in life.